Since 2015 we've been breeding our own variety of hops

Our goal is to create two breeding lines - One for a fruity Pale and One for a resinous IPA

We've hit gold on the fruity Pale and got two outstanding varieties :


AKA: 'Sweet Mary'

HOP: Big fruit-salad flavours dripping with oils. Long lasting aroma. An intense fruit bomb. Unreal for a hop grown in UK. Totally tropical.





AKA: 'Melon Head'

​HOP: Ripe-Melon with a solid backbone of zesty citrus. High myrcene, like a tropical Cascade.  Moorish, refreshing & enjoyably uplifting.





This year 2021 will be our first commercial harvest. 

One day we'd love nothing more then to brew a permanent Pale and a permanent IPA from our own home-grown hops


We got hops in our hearts <3

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