• A wonderful mix of our 4 core beers:


    6 x SEA MONSTER 4.4%

    6 x SOMA 4.6%

    6 x HOP WIRE 4.8%

    6 x VOODOO JUICE 5.2%


    SEA MONSTER - Dive into a hop-tsunami of blueberry, mango & fresh cut lime. Tropical waves cascade over a soft & citrusy malt base. A beautifully balanced beer with a bounty of aromatics from Mosaic & Columbus hops.


    SOMA - Freshly squeezed from the juiciest hops Soma is a lush & uplifting pale. Fully saturated with Citra & Mosaic it blooms clouds of tropical resins that float over a pillowy malt base. A brew to make Shiva smile :)


    HOP WIRE - Fully loaded & bursting with heavy hitting hops. Get ready for wave after wave of hoppy goodness. Let your tongue ride through a kaleidoscope of big hop flavours - from the citrus to the juicy to the dank.


    VOODOO JUICE - A vibrant riot of hop alchemy. This heady IPA is pumped to the max with the oiliest, dankest & juiciest hops in the world. Vic Secret & Citra lead the charge to create a slushy fruit-bomb of a beer. Pure pulp in a can.