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We also grow hops!

In all our flagship beers we use the freshest & juiciest hops from around the world.

But our love of hops doesn't stop there... we also grow & breed hops just down the road from the brewery.

It’s taken 6 years of crossing hops from the US, Germany & a special local wild hop to create two varieties that thrive in Somerset's climate & terroir. They share pungent tropical flavours that are dripping with oils. 

Hop breeding takes time but every year our hop yard is getting bigger & better. We’re constantly learning about growing, storing & harvesting to increase yields & flavour.

One day we'd love nothing more than to brew a permanent Pale & a permanent IPA from our own homegrown hops. Not just for flavour - but to keep things local & sustainable.

Here are two gems that we're excited about:
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Sweet Mary

Big fruit-salad aromas dripping with oils. An intense fruit bomb. Unreal for a hop grown in the UK... Totally tropical.

Melon Head


Ripe-melon with a backbone of zesty citrus. Like an exotic grapefruit. Refreshing, morish & enjoyably uplifting.

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Cans from the 2021 harvest are available from our brewery tap

(please contact the brewery if you want to try but can't visit)