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24 x MIXED CASE (Hoppy pales)


24 x MIXED CASE (Hoppy pales)

  • A selection of our freshest hoppy pales. 


    If you'd like to 'pick your own' please get in touch with the brewery - we don't always have everything in stock, but we promise the mix will be awesome!!


    The mix will include a tasty range from the following:


    SEA MONSTER 4.4%

    SOMA 4.6%

    WILD WOODS 4.6%

    HOP WIRE 4.8%





    SEA MONSTER - A fresh & fruity pale with a blistering bounty of tropical aromatics.


    SOMA - A lush & pillowy pale freshly squeezed from the juiciest sun-kissed hops.


    WILD WOODS - A beautifully balanced pale brimming with a kaleidoscope of fruity & piney hop flavours.


    HOP WIRE - A fully loaded pale bursting with wave after wave of hoppy goodness.


    KUSH KINGDOM - A heady pale fully saturated with colossal amounts of dank & resinous hops.


    VOODOO JUICE - A slushy & pulpy pale dripping with juicy hop oils.

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